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Historical Preservation

Historical Preservation Chelsea MA

If you search for Historical Preservation Chelsea MA you will find N&P Masonry a local historical preservation masonry contractor servicing Chelsea MA.

If you own a historical structure in Chelsea MA you may be in need of Historical Preservation Chelsea MA masonry services. At N&P Masonry, Inc, we provide historical preservation Chelsea MA to reinstate historical structures to their previous glory by making use of traditional materials and sustainable building methods.

Local Masonry Contractor Providing Historic Preservation Chelsea MA

At N&P Masonry, our historic preservation team is sensitive towards historic buildings in Chelsea MA and work with a passion to preserve them. When we focus on historic preservation, we also take care of the safety, cleanliness and hygiene of the building.

Depending on your requirements, we also infuse modern functionality into historic buildings, giving you the best of both the worlds – historic charm and modern comforts.

Our historic preservation Chelsea MA include:

  • Assessment of building condition
  • Construction design and management
  • Construction planning including phasing, costing, reviewing and scheduling
  • Implementation and building
  • Risk management for historic structures
  • Project management
  • Cost estimation
  • Consulting

We Specialize in Historical Preservation Chelsea MA

Historic preservation Chelsea MA can be a challenging job. Our preservation strategy is based on two crucial elements – knowing your requirements and assessing the requirements of the structure.

The N&P Masonry team will meet with you and visit the location to take stock of both these elements. Based on the information gathered, we prepare a comprehensive plan for preserving the building. We share the plan with you to seek your feedback. We also provide a quote for the job. Once you approve, we come to the premises and start working on the structure.

When you work with N&P Masonry, Inc, you can expect:

  • High quality historical preservation Chelsea MA
  • Dedicated project manager for every preservation job
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Cost effective preservation work
  • Efficient customer service

Contact N&P Masonry today to find out more about our historic preservation Chelsea MA masonry services. Call 857-237-2434, or click here to schedule a consultation.

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